All Flower Border Blankets On Sale $89

The original blanket with outfits that change.

How to Order a Customized Blanket



Flower Border Blankets - $89

Fully customizable, all flower border blankets are $89.  Choose the flower border from any customizable blanket to see the discounted price.

Customizable Quilts


Superfun Bundle - $53

This bundle of FIVE outfits is the perfect starter kit for hours of dress up fun and playtime.  Hope you can store all these fab clothes in your pouch!

Superfun Bundle

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last few reviews...

I was impressed with EVERYTHING about this. The two blankets I purchased were for one and two year old sister grand daughters. I only have one regret - that I didn’t know about these when my soon to be nine year old grand daughter was younger.

Jana D.

I had ordered a beautiful quilt after 2 years of wanting one. I also purchased and additional outfit over a month before Christmas for my daughter, the outfit never came but stayed “shipped” 4 days before Christmas I informed y’all, and 1 day before Christmas Eve I received not one but 2 beautiful outfits for my daughter! Thank you!!! Your dedication to your customers makes me a dedicated customer for life!! 10 STATS! 

Brandi T.

The blanket and all outfits are made with such artistry and quality that I highly recommend this to everyone. My great-niece and her cousin fell in love with the blanket upon opening and continue to love it to this day. Best gift I ever gave!

Marcia H.