The original blanket with outfits that change.

How to Order a Customized Quilt


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I was impressed with EVERYTHING about this. The two blankets I purchased were for one and two year old sister grand daughters. I only have one regret - that I didn’t know about these when my soon to be nine year old grand daughter was younger.

Jana D.

I had ordered a beautiful quilt after 2 years of wanting one. I also purchased and additional outfit over a month before Christmas for my daughter, the outfit never came but stayed “shipped” 4 days before Christmas I informed y’all, and 1 day before Christmas Eve I received not one but 2 beautiful outfits for my daughter! Thank you!!! Your dedication to your customers makes me a dedicated customer for life!! 10 STATS! 

Brandi T.

The blanket and all outfits are made with such artistry and quality that I highly recommend this to everyone. My great-niece and her cousin fell in love with the blanket upon opening and continue to love it to this day. Best gift I ever gave!

Marcia H.