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With a longstanding presence on Etsy and in her local designer scene, Glenn Ann Bayne has been making belts, clothing, accessories and quilts for years. She opened Etsy stores and designed handmade gifts for her family and friends.

One of Glenn Ann's trademark gifts was a unique baby quilt. Glenn Ann designed a new baby quilt for each child that was born in her extended family. It was a precious gift because she made sure the character and tastes of the child and parents were reflected in each work. Well, Glenn Ann has a lot of cousins, who had a lot of babies! And something amazing happened along the way. As she made a quilt for the birth of her niece, she came up with the idea to put a paper doll on the quilt. Paper Doll Blanket was born.

Paper dolls are a timeless toy that appeal to the inner designer in all of us. With this product, Glenn Ann has captured the endearing and personal nature of a baby quilt with the fun and interactivity of a toy paper doll.

Glenn Ann is joined by her sister Laura Villevieille. Laura holds a masters degree in business and works for IBM as an email deliverability expert. She guides big brand companies in their email strategy while managing the technology that sends billions of emails.

Mostly nerd and part designer, Laura helps with the technology and marketing sides of Paper Doll Blanket.


Our little video went viral...

Paper Doll Blanket launched on Etsy in 2015 with 12 hand made quilts.  Glenn Ann made a small video of her daughter playing with the blanket.  Within weeks of sharing that video to her friends on Facebook, the video went viral.  We immediately sold out of all 12 blankets and had to shut down operations to rethink production. Two months later we re-launched with the website, and fully customizable Paper Doll Blankets.

This little video is still in circulation and has been viewed by over 9 million people!