About Our Blankets


Custom-made in California





Paper Doll Blanket is a blanket with a flat doll on it, the doll has the ability to have it's clothing changed like a paper doll. Paper Doll Blankets can be customized to look like the child it is intended for by choosing the blanket color, border design, hair color, hair style, eye color and skin color. The clothing attaches to the blanket using hook and loop fabric. Each blanket has two pocket in the bottom of the blanket for storing extra clothing.

Each "Customized" blanket is made to order and takes about 1 week to make.  Blankets are sewn with assistance from some master quilters located in Chico, California - within one hour of Glenn Ann.  

Paper Doll Blankets were born out of the love of making a quilt for a newborn baby.  Glenn Ann handmade the very first blanket for the birth of her niece.  We carry that same love and attention into each blanket made.  Blankets are sewn with extreme care and attention to detail.

Technical Specs

Paper Doll Blanket is a children's blanket with a flat doll sewn onto the blanket. The doll has the ability to have his/her clothing and hair piece changed. Paper Doll Blanket is a blanket and a dress up doll in one. The blankets are 35" X 41" and crafted with high quality cotton fabric, felt and hook and loop fabric. The bottom of the blanket has two pockets for storing extra outfits. The dolls' under garments and hair attachments are made with hook and loop fabric. Outfit changes are easy for kids of all ages.

Care Instructions

Blankets are machine washable making them durable and long lasting.

About the Design

Virtual Patent Mark Seal by Smartup  Paper Doll Blanket is protected by US Patent D813554.


About Production

We are a small California based operation doing our best to keep up with demand.  Processing time is usually 1 week, but can go up to 3-4 weeks during peak periods.

We work closely with a few select partners in the US to produce our products.  We especially enjoy working with the Work Training Center in Chico, California.

As quilters ourselves, we take great care to insure high quality workmanship.  Each blanket passes strict inspection by Glenn Ann.