October Winner

CONGRATS to the September DESIGN CHALLENGE Winner, please vote for October - below!

About the Contest

Each month of the summer we have an outfit design contest.  The winner has their outfit actually made and wins a blanket!

Congratulations to Nika!  The September winner was chosen by user vote.  Check back in a few days to see the next round of entries and vote.

Next winner announced October 5th (well, actually we are WAAAY behind and the next winner will be announced November 9th!).  

To Enter

1)  Draw your design on the PDB Coloring Page: Download Dress or Download Shorts and Shirt

2) Take a photo of your drawing and email it to us at pdbdesigncontest@paperdollblanket.com. 

By sending us your design, you agree to let us share it with our community.


July winner here.

August winner here.

September winner here.


Vote here for the October round!

NOTE:  Click image to vote.  You may vote for more than one design, but you may only vote once for any one design.